About Me

My name is Chimezie Enyinnaya (AKA mezie), I’m a software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I build 👨‍💻 modern applications for the web! Though I do some frontend development, I enjoy working as a backend developer. I’m proficient with PHP (CodeIgniter, Laravel), JavaScript, NodeJS (Express, AdonisJS), VueJS. Recently, I have been exploring GraphQL.

I'm a technical writer, I write ✍🏾  technical articles and tutorials for various platforms including Scotch.io and Pusher. I share my knowledge and experience about software development and everything in between on my blog and I also contribute to open source.

When I'm not programming, you'll find me listening to music or watching movies, yeah! you read right, I'm a movie 🎬  lover. I love playing football ⚽ , volleyball 🏐  and table tennis 🏓  too (been a while I did these though).